Romeo Chocolates Is Open

Due to warmer weather, we are going to pause our shipping option until September, but you can still pre-order online for in-store pickup or curbside pickup! 

To keep everyone safe during the pandemic, we are following state health guidelines. We ask our guests to wear a mask at all times and to keep social distancing. Currently, we are allowing only two guests at a time in-store and have an outdoor seating patio for use. For those staying at home, you can find us on Postmates or Local Delivery within 4 miles (choose at checkout).

Thank you for supporting small businesses! 

Store hours: Wednesday - Sunday 11am - 6pm

(562) 432-7999

Outdoor Dining

We are now excited to be serving beer & wine in the outdoor parklet! šŸ„³ā˜€ļø

We are also working hard to better serve you with our indoor dining experiences #ComingSoon!

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Romeo Garcia, Master Chocolatier & Founder

Driven by passion for the craft of chocolate making, Chef Romeo is dedicated to sharing the nuance of flavor in fine chocolate sourced from rare regions from around the world. 

With social justice as a guiding compass, there is a commitment to fair trade and direct trade relationships with farmers & makers.

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